About Us

About Us

Intellihub News is a one of a kind open source agency that allows any person, of any perspective, to become a part of the conversation by contributing their own ideas and becoming part of the media themselves.

In addition to accepting article submissions from truth seekers worldwide, Intellihub News is also a portal for releasing secret documentation and for reporting on highly controversial or sensitive subject matters not covered by other agencies.


Our Primary Directive

It is our goal to help create a truly free and independent press platform by lowering the barrier to entry, thus creating a censorship-free platform for activists to express themselves to their true root cores.


Our Pledge to Non-Censorship

We refuse to censor our writers for any reason, even if we happen to have fundamental philosophical disagreements, as for too long the media has been monopolized by corporations, various government factions and personality cults across the world.

Now for the first time, average, everyday people have the power to break this monopoly by doing their own research, spreading their own ideas, engaging the masses on the frontline. This is war!


The Vision

Staying true to the vision, we believe that it is essential to maintain a top-tier open source media platform, avoiding the herd mentality that many truth seekers can fall into sometimes.


This News Network Is What You Make It.

Shall you choose to contribute, your point of view and your research may be shared with others–verified by Intellihub News readers worldwide, granting you the opportunity to reach millions respectively.

You must know that knowledge is power and power is in social media. Use it!

However, you may want to note–with great power, comes a great responsibility.


Founder, Director and Editor-In-Chief

Shepard Ambellas