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It has been confirmed that protesters are being kidnapped from hospitals and taken into the forest where they are stripped and executed

By John Vibes

UKRAINE (INTELLIHUB) — Yesterday we reported that activists in Ukraine were disappearing from hospitals and that it was possible that there was some connection to people that were found killed and tortured in the forest outside of the city.

Today this connection has been confirmed, with even mainstream media sources reporting that the government is kidnapping activists from hospitals and taking them into the woods where they are stripped, tortured and killed in many cases.

The incident that we reported on yesterday was the death of Yuri Verbitsky, an activist who was found killed and left in the forest.

Now a journalist named Igor Lutsenko has come forward saying that he managed to escape from government agents, and was one of the people who were tortured and taken to the forest.

He had been taken from a hospital in Kiev, beaten, and was eventually left in a forest by his abductors after an ordeal lasting almost a day, AFP reported.

Ukrainian news website Dzerkalo Tyzhnia said that two unidentified bodies had been found in the forest outside Kiev where Lutsenko had been taken after his abduction.



[1] Five dead as Ukraine police launch assault on protesters – Yahoo



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