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satanic ritual abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s real, but it can be healed

Tools For Freedom | The Late Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Exposed Much Satanic Ritual Abuse

United States exposed for being complicit in arming and training child soldiers in Afghanistan

Activist Post | The idea of U.S. funding going to directly to groups that employ child soldiers is repugnant

Iran no longer accepting dollars for oil: Demanding Euros instead

Activist Post | The Iranian government has recently made a very important decision in regards to its oil payment

They think you are terrorists: Fusion center targets peaceful patriots attending LaVoy Finicum funeral

Intellihub | Mourning the loss of LaVoy Finicum makes you a possible terrorist?

Occupier David Fry manages to get call through to friend’s voicemail, says lies and...

Shepard Ambellas | Malhuer Wildlife Refuge occupier David Fry speaks out about disinfo campaign
military saudi arabia

Syrian endgame: Saudi Arabia and Turkey poised to invade?

It appears the rebels are about to be faced with a crippling blow
vet experamentvideo

Watch how poorly THIS VET is mistreated… then watch WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Intellihub | A heartwarming story -- must watch!

Fox News hammers Rubio’s mockingbird puppet-like behaviors

Intellihub | Rubio exposed as establishment puppet

The fraud of the American Cancer Society exposed

Christina Sarich | Cancer drugs cost more than ever

Disclosure and the secret empire — Stephen Bassett

SGT Report | Are we being visited, or not?
russia helicopter military

Poking a bear in the eye

Rory | Is it no wonder the U.S. lost in sixteen Pentagon performed war games?

Must watch: Infowars reporter calls out Rubio on TPP support

Rubio squirms when faced with truth
truth raped

Censorship around the world still at high levels

Censorship is still a big issue around the world
rocket satellitevideo

Russians launch satellite following North Korean claimed satellite launch

Next News Network | It appears that the Russians are showing North Korea how to launch a satellite

Report: Massive number of heavily armed paramilitary forces operating in and around Burns, Oregon

Intellihub | "These guys were in full fatigues, full body armor, and armed to the teeth"

Rutherford Institute warns against government attempts to intimidate journalists by prosecuting radio shock jock...

The Rutherford Institute | The Rutherford Institute have weighed in on the arrest and ongoing prosecution of Pete Santilli
Lavoy Finicum

R.I.P. LaVoy Finicum – Over a thousand people turn out for heartwarming tribute to...

Alex Thomas |"This is what the federal government does"
armed drone

Reports of an ‘armed drone’ over Burns Oregon and ‘foreign mercenaries posing as FBI’

Shepard Ambellas | Locals threatened by "Blackstone mercenaries," says Judge

Video shows tens of thousands massing at Turkey border as Russia, Iran, bear down...

Tyler Durden | In any event, the fighting looks set to create a new wave of refugees bound first for Turkey

Did you know your vehicle is being logged in databases when you shop at...

Shepard Ambellas | Vehicle equipped with scanners capturing your vehicle data now
virus bug

Who owns the Zika Virus

Global Research | The WHO declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on Monday, February 1
trump jetvideo

Was Donald Trump’s “emergency landing” a final warning to exit the race?

Truthstream Media | History would suggest that it is very possible

MI governor’s aide knew about Flint Legionnaires’ spike 10 months before public

RT | Emails show the Michigan governor’s office knew about the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in March 2015
gold scandal

GOLD – It’s time to pay attention

The problem is that this assumption is quickly being called into question

Oregon rancher was shot 9 times by FBI, appears stolen 9mm planted after the...

Piper McGowin | Another day, another horror coming out of our legal authorities in this country
Nikola Tesla

The secrets about Nikola Tesla they don’t want you to know

Matt Agorist | Jim Murray has been a student of Nikola Tesla’s work for decades
Ted Cruz

The men behind Ted Cruz: Neocons and a CIA propagandist

Kurt Nimmo | Remarkably, more than a few Republicans believe this guy is a libertarian
ted cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz accused of committing voter fraud at Iowa caucus

Intellihub | Trump not backing down, Carson caves, after fraud speculated
civil liberties

Why civil liberties are no longer defended

Sartre | The quest for reason has a sordid record